FOREVER offers solutions for all your memory keeping needs.  From digitizing old movie reels and photographs to storing all your digital pictures in one place. You can even create beautiful photo books and wall art for you home.

It took me years to accept that digital photography was here to stay.  I loved my Canon A-1 SLR and relished holding printed photos in my hands.  The world of jpgs and pixels, hard drives and clouds was a mystery for many years, and learning to navigate that road did not come easily.  The more I learned about digital photos, the more I realized that safety, privacy, and being user-friendly are key. 

In the beginning, I used a variety of tools for storing and organizing photos with various levels of difficulty and a multitude of features.  When I was introduced to FOREVER Permanent Storage, everything came together. 

What is FOREVER?

FOREVER Permanent Storage is exactly what it sounds like.  It’s storage for your photos, videos, documents, and audio files that promises to be both secure and permanent.  But it’s even more than that:  In addition to storing your photos, you can organize them and create photo books, cards, calendars, and other photo projects right within FOREVER. 

There are so many reasons I value FOREVER for my own photo collection, but here are a few of my favorites.

I own it

I was paying subscription fees every month to another very reputable service.  But I was aware that once I stopped paying, I would lose access to my family memories! With FOREVER, I purchased storage and now I own it.  There are NO SUBSCRIPTION FEES to store my photos, and I don’t worry that my account will be closed—ever. 

Once I upload my photos, I know they’re safe in my account.

I also don’t need to back up and back up and back up my collection every 3-5 years on external hard drives as a safeguard against crashes.  Have you ever had a hard drive fail you? I’m grateful I don’t have to think about that one either.

It’s private

Did you know that companies like Google have license to use your photos when you agree to their terms and conditions? They are even data-mining our family photos! I’ve known of instances where people discovered their personal photos in public places without their consent.  Everything in my FOREVER storage account is private. No one has access to my pictures unless I give it to them.  In addition to my photos and videos, I can store scans of my personal documents in a private album, for my eyes only.

It’s easy

I love tech tools. As a photo organizer, I use many.  Some are harder than others to figure out or get used to.  FOREVER is the most user-friendly platform to organize photos.  I can change the names and file dates of scanned photos, individually or in batches—in seconds!  I can tag photos and organize them in various digital albums with categories that make sense to me.

Even better, I can teach my clients to organize their own photos if they want to.  While most of my clients are pressed for time and prefer I do the work, it’s a plus to know it’s easy for them to take the reigns and add information to their pictures.

It’s all about saving memories

One of the main reasons FOREVER was founded was to preserve our legacy.  My great-great-grandchildren will have access to my photos.  But more than that, I can share the stories behind the pictures! There is a field called “Description” attached to each photo where I can write whole stories and capture the memories behind the pictures.  My family will be able to know and enjoy the photos so much more. 

Is FOREVER right for YOU?

There are a lot of options out there for storing your beloved photos.  FOREVER does what I need for my own collection as well as my clients. 

If you want to try it out yourself, you can activate a FREE account using this link.  (You’ll even receive a $20 coupon towards a purchase once you confirm your email.)

If you have questions, please reach out.  We can figure out together if FOREVER is the best tool for you to save and enjoy your memories!

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