Warming Hearts with Memories

Let memories warm your heart throughout the year by creating a photo calendar.
Let memories warm your heart throughout the year by creating a photo calendar.

Remember the old Kodak commercials: For the times of your life (Here it is, if you’d like a good laugh on tv commercials from the 1970’s.)

It’s so hard to believe how quickly the years pass as our children grow up, our parents grow old, and well, we learn a lot along the way.   I’m always talking to people about making memories and taking pictures, but what’s it all for if we don’t share them?

Last Christmas, I took an afternoon to create six different calendars for my four children, my husband, and my mom.  Each one was uniquely designed with photos I knew would be meaningful to the recipient.  I decided that my “theme” would be my children’s growing up years.  I had scanned all our family’s printed photos so the calendar memories would range from 1990 to 2004.  I then chose a very simple calendar template from FOREVER’s Design and Print platform, Simple White Plus Year.  

Each calendar took me about an hour to design—the hardest thing is always selecting the photographs.  I placed the order and thought, “Well, we’ll see if they like these.”  Why would I have been doubtful?  Because everyone has their own favorite calendar each year and I wasn’t sure they’d want to look at one another for twelve whole months.

Christmas morning came and gifts were exchanged. 

I held back the calendars until the end, thinking of them as “one little extra gift.”  I passed them all out at the same time and let everyone unwrap together.  The explosion of joy and gratitude was beyond what I expected.  For the next hour, as I prepared for our traditional Christmas morning brunch, everyone exchanged calendars to see the variety of photos I lovingly selected for each month.  “I love that picture!”  “I remember that!”  “Oh, look how young you looked, Mom!” 

And all year, I have seen the result of those few hours hanging on walls.  Endearing comments continue as moments are remembered and treasured.

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I encourage you to make your own family treasures this year.

Here are some guidelines to make the process easier.

  1. Figure out what kind of gift you want to create.  Photo book, calendar, mug, ornament, wall art, notebook, or tabletop panel?  Check out the great variety FOREVER offers HERE.
  2. Do you have a “theme?”  Is there a special time you want to remember like a trip or season of life?  Are you focusing on a person or pet?  Random favorite photos work just as well!
  3. How many photos might be needed for that project?  If it’s a calendar or photo book, you will need a wider range than a mug or canvas print.  Select more than you need so when you sit down to design the project, you’ll be ready to put everything in place.
  4. If you’re using the FOREVER platform, choose your project and then select your design.  If you’re making gifts for multiple people you can use the same photos with different designs to add variety.
  5. Don’t forget to double check to see if there’s a special holiday deal going on and apply the coupon code before you check out.

Keep making memories and taking photos!

If you need help, please reach out to me—I’m happy to help you get started!

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