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Picture Your Photos…Organized!

Are your photo memories stored in a box or buried on your phone?

Everyone has a ton of photos, but most of us have never taken the time to organize them in a meaningful way. In this one-hour virtual session, you will learn concrete, manageable strategies to tackle your photo chaos. Guest Speaker Denise MacMurtrie, owner of Peace Restored Photo Organizing, will teach tips and tools to preserve, organize and share your photos.

October 14, 2020 @ 7:00pm

Workshops I Offer

Picture Your Photos Organized

Are your memories in a box or buried on your phone? We all have a ton of both printed and digital photos, but it seems impossible to get them organized.  This workshop teaches you a manageable a process and shows you the tools to preserve, organize and share your photos. 

Organizing that Scary Box of Photos

Do you secretly cringe when you think of the boxes of old photos hiding somewhere in your home? Learn a system to get your pictures out of the boxes, organized, and protected.  The goal is to enjoy your family photos again!

The Best Way to Save Your Photos FOREVER?

FOREVER is about Legacy, Privacy and Permanence. Find out about this affordable, full-service platform for organizing, preserving, and enjoying your photos.  Your family memories will be safe for generations!

Coaching Crops

Once you feel comfortable organizing and working in your FOREVER storage account, you can attend these workshops where we will learn together.  I will be available to help you with any questions you have.

General Presentations

Do you have a group to which you’d like a presentation on basic photo organizing principles and methods? Contact me to discuss.

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