An Unexpected Time

An Unexpected Time

Time seems to have stopped.  When was the last time we spent days on end within the confines of our homes? Life is usually so very hectic, I actually relish being at home for a whole day.  But now we expect to be home for a while, with everything cancelled from our schedules. I’m determined to stay positive, hoping to “get caught up” on a few things. 

This morning, I expected to check in on my 88-year old mom, get an update about how she’s feeling, and head to my office to tackle my To Do List.  Instead, she lamented a lack of motivation, expressing a desire to do something to feel more energetic.  I suggested that later I could help her declutter an area of her in-law suite.  I could almost see the lightbulb go on.  She said, “Why don’t we go through the chest in my living room?” 

Really?  Could I refuse this spontaneous moment? After pulling out lots of bed linens and towels she no longer uses, we were surrounded by old photographs which had been tucked away at the bottom of the chest.  Many of which I had never seen. 

My mom has to be in the right mood to talk about past memories and people who are gone. This was one of those unexpected times.   It was a treasure hunt of memories.  Who would she see next?  An hour later, I left her with an armful of photos to scan and put into a photobook.  After all, it’s what I love to do these days! 

The rest of the day I reflected on how this very unique time in history has called for a very unique response.  We are thinking a little more carefully about those in our lives– especially our older relatives and neighbors–and how we can better care for each other. 

During a time of crisis, our instinct is to gather together, support one another, pray together, hug and be physically close.  But the mandate here is for “social distancing” and being more isolated than comes naturally to most humans. 

A trip down memory lane, going through our photos, can be therapeutic.  We feel more connected to our past, united to our loved ones, and it reminds us of what’s most important to us. 

So go ahead—find that box of photos hiding somewhere in your home.  Or just scroll back a few years or more through the pictures on your phone.  Remember, and enjoy the moment!

Interested in getting your memories organized to last a lifetime? Give me a call at (610) 547-2264.

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