About Denise MacMurtrie

Denise MacMurtrie - Peace Restored Photo Organizing

Hi, I’m Denise. I’m a story teller and lover of photos! I enjoy getting lost in my family pictures, meandering through memories, and savoring special moments. I grew up with a camera in hand, particularly enamored with sunsets and landscapes. Once each of my 4 children were born, however, they became the stars!

After my kids grew up, I became a professional organizer and launched my business Peace Restored Organizing in 2016.  However, I noticed that every client I worked with had pictures hiding in their homes.  I would think, “This is your family’s story, and you can’t even access it!” That’s when my love for photography and organizing came together.

It’s no secret that, in this digital age, spending time with our photos has become overwhelming. The countless pictures we take are spread across multiple devices and memory cards. And then there are those boxes of printed photos–what to do with them? I have faced this same overwhelming dilemma and want to help others reclaim their memories, preserve and protect their photos, and provide manageable solutions for being able to revisit and enjoy their memories.

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